Clinical trials,flip belts, more trainers and fun in fields Juneathon #9

A coreriffic start to the day with motivation from one of the twins who give training tips (see earlier blogs, they will be back) it’s a little more difficult to stay in the side plank up on your arm whilst someone keeps going under you!

Last night I received an interesting email from the university of Birmingham asking for women aged between 18-45 at a particular level of fitness to take part in clinical trials  to investigate their ability to burn fat after varying the amount of fat in their diet and whether this impacts their running performance.  I sent it out to my club and then decided that I wouldn’t mind having a go at that.  The university provide your food during the trial and you get the feedback on the tests that are carried out on you including your VO2 Max.  So I’ve expressed my interns and Hope to here in the next few weeks when I will fit in with their criteria to take part!! If you’re reading this and think you might be interested let me know and I’ll forward you the email.

A little later in the day I received the news that I’ve won a flipbelt which I’ve requested in Royal blue as we don’t have my first choice of super Daisy in the UK and I’m now looking forward to receiving it soon.


Then after I arrived home from work a delivery from Brooks arrived with these beauties in

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I’m really do not think there’s a running club out there like mine Boutton Roadrunners tonight after our warm up run of 2.5 miles we were lead by our lovely coach down a country lane to a field , we’re not talking running track, or even playing field it was a country meadow field that had a well trodden path around the outside and across the corner.  We spent the evening running random short reps, it was fast and fun and a pleasant change change.

What will tomorrow bring? 

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