Rocking the Rock Tape Review


Fortunately during my spring marathon training which saw me running my last 22 miles of the schedule this week (whoop, whoop) I have not had the need for Rock Tape. Luck more than good stretching I think.

So to review Rock Tape I found 2 willing volunteers:

Doug Reeve – Age 39 and 3 quarters, partner of a pretty good runner and Dad to the Training Tip Twins. He is also a runner working towards a sub 60 min 10k in June

Connie Harrison- Age 12 daughter NO2 of a pretty good runner. Sister of the Training Tip Twins and a fabulous artist and writer.

Why they needed Rock Tape

Doug: has a pain on his left foot at the edge of his heel. He has self diagnosed this himself as Plantar Fascitis (you can find out more about this in one of my previous blogs).

Connie: Achey right wrist, probably from drawing too much

So we strapped them both up following the Rock Tape instructions.





Here are there thoughts

Was the Rock Tape comfortable?

Connie: ‘Uh huh, you get used to it’

Doug: ‘Yes you didn’t know you were wearing it until you have to take it off’

Did it help/ease your injury

Connie: ‘What does that mean? (Explained) it still hurt but not as much

Doug: umm…. It helps relieve some pain, it hasn’t cured it but has helped relive some of the pain.

How long did it stay on for?

Connie: 2/3 days

Doug: originally 3 days and the refresh 4 days

Anything else you like to say about Rock Tape?

Connie: I’d wear it again if I needed it, but I couldn’t write which was really annoying

Doug: I will keep on using Rock Tape because it has worked for me, the one thing that I did not like about the Rock Tape was how much it hurt pulling it off. It stood up to several days wear and tear, which included being on my feet most of he day, bathing, showering and running.

Based on this review if I need support for an injury or twingery I’ll definitely reach for the Rock Tape, not only is it effective it also comes in a range of patterns which is great in my opinion

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