Twins Training Tips WK2 Flashy Trainers


This is Robbie and Daisy they have been in the running world since the day they were born, well about 4 weeks later.

Every week they share their top tips on running, family and life!! They may just teach you a thing or two. I learn lessons from them all the time.

This week is all about flashy gear:

Do you need flashy things like clothes and shoes to be able to run?

Robbie “Yes cos they make me run faster”

Daisy “You need them for running, cos I want to run with you”

So that’s the twins view, I think their new flashing trainers will have had an impact on this weeks thoughts.

I personally think that if there is one thing you spend some time and effort looking at before buying it’s your trainers and whether they are flashy is up to you.


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