Juneathon day #7 Better late than never!

Sorry if you were outside at 7:00am awaithing my tigger like bouncy arrival to start a Sunday run.  I did not get out of bed untill nearly 9:00am I know! how will I forgive myself for such laziness!  Well that’s easy because I’ve done my run.  I was going to run it after supporting my .running club mates working themselves to the max at Fairford 10k.  I didn’t though!! Due to not having my Garmin or buddy  pouch with me, I cleverly forgot them and if a run has not been recorded on my garmin it’s not a run.  So homeward bound for me with a plan.    

My plan was:

1) Eat ice cream and. strawberries drizzled with cream for lunch 

2) Watch the 2nd part of The Lord of the rings trilogy

2) head out on a run aroun 2-3 ish

Number one  was carried out with precision, number 2 was started and paused an hour in to take the teen to Tescos for muffin supplies 
Number 3 was put off untill later……….. Due to it being a little too hot still. ( that was the excuse) and replaced with looking at and memorising a talk I’m doing at the Pilates Place members evening.  

I eventually headed out on my run at  just before 7pm after spending the rest of my afternoon watching the Athletics and munching veggie pizza, before welcoming the twins home from Nan’s.

Here’s the run https://www.strava.com/activities/320616386 not quite the planned 7:30 min miles but sub 8 all the way apart from the hill.  That will do for me on this weekends form

Tonight’s the first night I’m going to try hypnosis so watch this space for improvements with immediate effect (you never know)

Good night sleep tight hope the bed bugs don’t bite x

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